The Earth, modeled in chocolate

´╗┐Ksusha introduced me to Ferrero Rocher chocolates a few days ago. My first reaction after biting into it was “this would make a great model of the Earth!” (Well, maybe that was my second reaction. My first reaction was “tasty!”)

Thus, it was necessary to slice one in half so that I could take a photo for labelling:

Alas, the crust-to-mantle thickness ratio isn’t quite right, and there isn’t a clear differentiation between the upper and lower mantle. Now to go eat what remains of my Earth model. Hopefully it’s not a voodoo Earth…

2 Responses to “The Earth, modeled in chocolate”

  1. jo milby says:

    hello! my plan was to find a cross section of this candy and use it in a science demo of (guess what?)… the layers of the earth.
    and so, I found this picture of yours and would like to use it, with your permission.
    thank you,
    Jo Milby

  2. Erik says:

    Feel free to use it for non-commercial use! I’m glad you appreciate it.

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