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Norse plaque inspired by an old fireback

Ever since my early childhood I have fond memories of going to Camp Happy, my great aunt and uncles summer home up in Door County, Wisconsin.  The home was supposedly built as a replica of a hunting lodge from the Old World.  Installed above the fireplace was a...

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Experimenting with Cricut-assisted leather tooling

Recently, our friends Ariel and Andy inspired me to try using the Cricut (a 2D cutting plotter that can be controlled with third-party software called Sure-Cuts-A-Lot) to assist in leather-tooling and provided some leather scraps to try with.  (I'd tried with the wrong...

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Paskha mold: version 1.0

Early Spring in our house is a time for cooking and crafts projects as we celebrate both Passover and (Russian) Easter.  Both of these holidays are great excuses to cook lots of tasty recipes that we learned from our parents and grandparents, and then to enjoy this...

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