1. Paskha mold: version 1.0

    [][]Early Spring in our house is a time for cooking and crafts projects as we celebrate both Passover and (Russian) Easter.  Both of these holidays are great excuses to cook lots of tasty recipes that we learned from our parents and grandparents, and then to enjoy this food surrounded by ...

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  2. The Earth, modeled in chocolate

    Ksusha introduced me to Ferrero Rocher chocolates a few days ago. My first reaction after biting into it was "this would make a great model of the Earth!" (Well, maybe that was my second reaction. My first reaction was "tasty!")

    Thus, it was necessary to slice one in half so ...

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  3. Plush Sawzall

    The plush sawzall that I made in the spring for the child of two friends of mine has finally been presented. The parents were greatly amused. The child wasn't quite sure how to operate it. Some people on the dinner trip suggested that he needed plush safety goggles first ...

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